Our mission:

Producing interesting, innovative, contemporary theatre work with focus on social issues and ethnic and cultural differences. Providing work for immigrant performing artists and promoting their role in Canada’s theatre and entertainment industry. Connecting different communities trough working with immigrants and using our work to create a unique network of professional culture workers from different communities. Educating children in drama arts, using the imagination and creativity as a starting point to teach them social and relationship skills, self-esteem and teamwork. We want to introduce and expand the use of the term “audible minorities” into theatre and social practice of Canada, aiming to help better defining of the current demographic situation.

Our mandate:

We are dedicated to continuous experiment with various theatre and artistic expressions, recognizing that no learning or improvement can come without annihilation of preconceptions and the desire to face the fear of unknown. Our desire is to help immigrant performing artists start and build their Ontario careers, recruiting them into contributing members of performing industry. We want to use the enormous potential that immigrant artists bring to this country to produce more diverse theatre work, bringing more honesty to presenting the face of Canadian demographics on stage. Our drama studio provides intensive training in several acting techniques, for actors of all ages. Our education program is inspired by the desire to inform the children of the possibilities of stage creativity in a safe-learning environment. Art is a living, constantly-changing matter. Our mission is a never-ending search for it. Our goal is not an achievement, it is the journey.


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