A Flea in Her Ear- Toronto Fringe 2017 (July 5-16)

by Georges Feydeau, translated by Mladen Obradović

The most famous play by the greatest vaudeville maestro- Georges Feydeau! After Raymonde Chandebise starts doubting the fidelity of her husband, a whole undercover operation begins, ultimately involving everyone even remotely connected with them, producing confusion, chaos and laughter.

Fast-paced comedy, gorgeous characters and a great collective play- join us for this whirlwind of excitement!


Director: Sasha Lukač

Stage Manager: Amanda Caliolo

Executive Producer: Mladen Obradović

Producers: Lynda Yearwood and Biljana Karadžić

Associate Producer: Ivana Obradović

Production Design: Jingjia Zhang

Choreographer A'mar Wharton-Matthew

Media Design: Derrick Chow


Victor-Emmanuel Chandebise: Mladen Obradović

Raymonde, his wife: Kimberley Wells

Camille, his nephew: A'mar Wharton-Matthew

Tournel, his friend: Tomas Ketchum

Doctor Finache: Kyla Dewey

Don Carlos Homenides de Histangua: Adrian Milan

Lucienne, his wife: Suzanne Miller Etienne, his manservant: Xavier de Guzman

Antoinette, his wife, the cook: Madelaine Burgess

Mrs. Feraillon, hotel manager: Laurie Hurst

Rugby, English guest: Aaron Schaefer

Eugenie, the maid: Anne-Marie Krytiuk

Poche, drunken porter: Mladen Obradović



Art is a living, constantly-changing matter. Our mission is a never-ending search for it. Our goal is not an achievement, it is the journey.


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