A Flea in Her Ear


A Flea in Her Ear- Toronto Fringe 2017 (July 6-16)

by Georges Feydeau, translated by Mladen Obradović

The most famous play by the greatest vaudeville maestro- Georges Feydeau! After Raymonde Chandebise starts doubting the fidelity of her husband, a whole undercover operation begins, ultimately involving everyone even remotely connected with them, producing confusion, chaos and laughter.

Fast-paced comedy, gorgeous characters and a great collective play- join us for this whirlwind of excitement!


Director: Sasha Lukač

Stage Manager: Amanda Caliolo

Executive Producer: Mladen Obradović

Producers: Lynda Yearwood and Biljana Karadžić

Associate Producer: Ivana Obradović

Production Design: Jingjia Zhang

Choreographer: A'mar Wharton-Matthew

Media Design: Derrick Chow


Victor-Emmanuel Chandebise: Mladen Obradović

Raymonde, his wife: Kimberley Wells

Camille, his nephew: A'mar Wharton-Matthew

Tournel, his friend: Tomas Ketchum

Doctor Finache: Kyla Dewey

Don Carlos Homenides de Histangua: Adrian Milan

Lucienne, his wife: Suzanne Miller

Etienne, his manservant: Xavier de Guzman

Antoinette, his wife, the cook: Madelaine Burgess

Mrs. Feraillon, hotel manager: Laurie Hurst

Rugby, English guest: Aaron Schaefer

Eugenie, the maid: Anne-Marie Krytiuk

Poche, drunken porter: Mladen Obradović


Send Us Your Story!!!

Pulse Theatre would like to hear about your immigration story. We collect stories from our neighbours so that our shows can reflect the real life in Canada. Specifically- we would like to hear about as many immigration stories as there are, so that we can possibly make them a part of our future project - ImmigranTO. The show is planned as a postcard from immigrants' Toronto perspective. We hope that it will help shedding more light on the true nature of our town and country- the one built by immigrants and being driven by immigrants.

Pulse Theatre is also searching for immigrant theatre artists/performers as future collaborators. One of the company members' priorities is to provide work for immigrant artists living and working in Canada. We would like to base our plan for future projects on the information about available immigrant artists in Toronto. We are urging all theatre creators- directors, writers, stage managers, set, costume and lights designers, producers, as well as performers- actors, dancers and singers, to send us their headshots and resumes. Any ideas for projects, or if you have original works that you would like to further develop, are welcome as well. We would like to emphasize that performers who have an accent are welcome and encouraged to apply. Contact us!

José Triana: Night of the Assassins


Copy of poster.jpg


“Night of the Assassins” was the company’s first project. It was written by Jose Triana, a Cuban writer, celebrated for plays that are talking about people influenced by the economic and political policies of Cuba. We chose "Night of the Assassins" because of its simplicity and depth. This play resonated with all of us because of the strong revolutionary note that is so dominant in the play’s structure.

Director's Note


Night of the Assassins is a play which is acutely relevant despite the fact that it was written in the 1960's. The reason for this is that the issue it deals with is, unfortunately, still quite present if not grown beyond imaginable proportions in the past four decades. This issue is child abuse. The play treats it through a series of revenge fantasies that three siblings entertain after having suffered a lifetime of abuse at the hands of their parents. Our intention was to take this fantasy a step further - to its gruesome completion - and to examine if the consequences would indeed bring the so desired freedom to its culprits.

Directed by Aleksandar Saša Lukač


Mladen Obradović

Tatjana Čornij

Hana Lukač


Stage and Costume Design: Dušan Marković

Stage Manager: Sandra Crljenica

Assistant Stage Designer: Petia Karrin


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